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Here at Minnesota Emergency Disability Services our disaster relief services are unique in the sense that we specialize in services that will help provides resources for those with special needs current trying environment such as tornadoes or other  situation created by  whether another situations.

 Our goal is to keep those with challenges out of institutions such as hospital or nursing homes during these events unless absolutely necessary. In many situations the hospital and long-term care facilities on the front lines of being an alternative place for those with disabilities. This is why it is our belief At Minnesota Emergency Disability Services Disaster Relief program we provide services such as:

  1. Generators for medically necessary equipment such as refrigeration for medication powering respiratory equipment or charging  a mobility device.
  2.  Communications to better support advocating for a better solution
  3.  nonacute medical care (PCA level) or medical supplies

this is practical solution to provide time to find a better alternative to the hospitals or nursing homes  during a disaster when appropriate for those with special needs, that is more cost effective.

Minnesota Emergency Disability Services Command Center Trap Ride Vehicle

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