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M.E.D.S. actively seeks a building to house our Trap Ride Operations. If you have a vacant building or can donate space in a building, please contact Jeremy Rogness. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity. We are a 501(c)(3) entity and all donations are tax deductible to the donor.

Welcome to Minnesota Emergency Disability Services

Welcome to the Minnesota Emergency Disabiliity Services organization, a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We provide an array of unique, but vitally essential services to those within our communities who live with special challenges. Our programs provide emergency resources that allow those within the communities we serve to live, work, play and navigate through their communities.

Our services prevent those who live with special challenges from becoming stranded, institutionalized or injured. We address those issues through our Trap Ride, Disaster Relief, and Safety Lighting Systems initiatives.

It is important to stand together, especially during life events of turmoil and stressful times felt by those we serve, so that we can band together as a community to lift our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and veterans up, in light of their unique situations.

Minnesota Emergency Disability Services’ goal is to assist and serve our most vulnerable citizens who live with any type of disability.

  1. Trap Ride  The Trap Ride program, it is an tripple AAA like program for those with power mobility devices. (Power wheelchairs/scooters)

  2.  Disaster Relief Program this program provides unique services to those with special needs to lower costs and prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital or nursing home because of the situation around them.

  3.  Safety Lighting Systems, these systems are custom-built to each wheelchair and user needs to provide safety awareness and peace of mind as well as compliance with Minnesota state law. 

Minnesota Emergency Disability Services is a completely Volunteer Agency and operates much like a volunteer fire department in the sense that people are page for service as needed. At this time we take no government funding and rely on the support of our community through private donations, grants, and fundraiser's



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