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The Trap Ride Program provides low-cost transportation of a assistive mobility device in situations where the consumer and/or chair are stranded and/or separated due to emergency situations.

Assisted mobility device and scooter transport takes place in the following situations:

  1. When an assistive mobility device breaks down or the battery dies while away from home.

  2. When a medical emergency arises requiring a person to be transported to the hospital by ambulance, becoming separated from their assistive mobility device.

  3. Other emergency situations requiring a person to become separated from an assistive mobility device and/or if a motorized vehicle is stranded.

Traditionally in these situations the mobility devices either left or transported by a tow truck. There are many different complications that arise from this.

MEDS has recently benefitted from the generosity of HealthEast Medical Transportation Service, who donated an ambulance and a wheelchair accessible van to the Minnesota Emergency Disability Services. 

Trapride uses our Command Center to transport disabled wheelchairs. 

Contact us about Trapride for more details.

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