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24-Hr Emergency: 651.352.1663

Volunteer Opportunities

with the help of our volunteers we can start creating change for those with unique needs that we serve. Furthermore our success is within the kindhearted generosity of our volunteers without them we would not be able to exist. Our organization is a place where we all contain together and make a better life for everyone. Our motto is (Changing Lives through Unique Abilities). we do this through serving and hiring those with unique abilities.

We value those who have served our country to the US armed forces and look forward to providing opportunities where our veterans can continue to serve their local communities if they choose. Again thank you for your service.

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If you are interested in being a volunteer please use the form on the ‘contact tab.  All volunteers must pass a background check and be safe to work with disabled adults, seniors, and children.  For specific opportunities, please see our Careers page.